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DMTS and MSDT try the tech kit for size !

Master Divers has always enjoyed a bit of tech and have had a long standing relationship with the tech liveaboard team based on Koh Tao.


We think its a great part of any divers learning but know that its not for everyone.  So we offer something in the middle.  We offer what is essentially a try dive in tech kit and all our MSDTs and DMTs get this as a free extra as part of their course.It is optional but most do opt to do it.  We explain the workings of the rig and how its different and why.  This is the part that’s great for learning, so atleast the have a simple understanding of a tech rig.  Then we take it out for a very shallow spin so that everyone can get a feel for it.  Last time we took a video and you can see the guys having a go at some of the skills and techniques that are different to a standard recreational set up.  Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and a couple are considering completing the Tech 40 course.  You can see all the photographs from the day below……


If you want a first person account of what the afternoon can be like and a veritable female perspective then check out Rachaels great (hilarious)  blog about her experience with twin tanks!


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