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Our adventures

Remember this time last year ?

It started raining and didn’t really stop …………

Certain parts of the island flooded and there was damage to buildings but overall we didn’t suffer as bad as the main land or Samui who were really badly hit.  If you were here, you will remember the slightly over-dramatic helicopter evacuations, but ferrys actually started running again after just a few days – being without ferries for a few days when its stormy is something all islanders are used to. Contrary to media reports, we had water, fuel, food and electric!  Once the rain stopped the island started to dust itself down very quickly and it was truly amazing how quickly the island got back on its feet.  Within days things were mostly back to normal ….….and you would’ve barely know that anything had been amiss however most visitors had left and the island was quite a spooky ghost town.  The beaches were deserted …….

The sun returned to dry the island out  but although life had returned to normal there were very few visitors.  The mainland was still struggling to get back on its feet, making travel difficult for would-be-visitors.  At Master Divers, we had no one to take diving a were a little bored ….so the team organized a rather hilarious competition on the beach – The Fin Olympics…  comprising of The Coconut Shot Put, The Kayak Race, The Obstacle Fin Race, Lilo Paddling and The Relay Race – which involved the use of mangos and eggs……as I said ….. Hilarious.






And then we did this………… and it seemed to cheer everyone up…. our version of Queens Bohemian Rhapsody ….

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