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Our adventures

Continuing the Renovations.

Many of you are eager to hear how we are getting on with our move – so we thought we would give you a quick update.


The downstairs of the building needed to be cleared so that re-fitting can start. The dividing wall which you can see in the picture below had to go too so that we have an open space for reception and retail.

The bathroom also had to go from the front area too – again leaving us an open space to work with.











The boys have been hard at work and this has all been completed – so the next step was to move upstairs and change some of the bedrooms into classrooms.











The renovations will now move back downstairs in the main shop and the beachfront building will start in earnest.

The initial plans for the equipment and compressor room etc can be seen  below!

Clearly things have moved on slightly since then and we are due to start this within days – so stand-by for further updates.

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