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Master Divemaster

Checking out the Top Ten from Master Divers I came across Phil’s great work in explaining what his Divemaster experience as like. I remember my course like it was yesterday how much fun it was & how much I improved as a diver over that short time.

Guiding Divers

Now as an Instructor Trainer, I’m involved in the development of professional divers & the structuring of their programs. With this in mind we’ve set about developing a Divemaster program without equal, built around a team of experts from various fields to teach our budding candidates & making it the Divemaster program I wish I’d completed.

In the same boat.

The Team

With over 50 years of professional diving experience between them, the Go Pro SSI team teaching the Divemaster program count among them an Instructor Trainer, a Dive Medic Technician, professional videographers & photographers, a journalist & published writer, an environmental specialist, Technical Diving Instructors, a Freediving Instructor, equipment maintenance & repair specialists, a marketing manager & even a fitness coach! Having dived on almost every continent & in every condition know to dive-kind, their quality speak for itself.

Fun in the sun.

The Course

All the requirements for the Divemaster course are exceeded during our program; we give more time for skill practice for the trainees & even work on neutrally buoyant skill development to prepare them for working in other environments. The trainees work towards taking on more responsibility as they progress through the program, spending more time with customers, learning about the practical & logistical considerations of the dive operation, moving towards their leadership level requirements & beyond. During the Divemaster program we teach the Science of Diving Specialty, giving the trainees a solid understanding of the basics of diving physics, physiology, equipment, planning & the environment; a necessity for any professional wishing to achieve the level of Divemaster. A complete review of the skills required to perform in-water rescues is also performed during the course along with a review of all first aid skills & oxygen administration for diving accidents & even introducing some advanced rescue techniques.

Briefing Divers

The Extras

Once certified as a Divemaster we offer our successful candidates the opportunity to stay for our FREE Internship program. During the program they get a chance to use all of the skills learned during their program & get the valuable experience of working in a real dive centre. Learning the “ins & outs” of a dive centre from the front of house; customers relations, administrative duties & equipment sales to dive decks; filling tanks, maintaining equipment & running a dive boat.Internship candidates also have the opportunity to try different types of diving with our Try Tech & Try Freediving programs to broaden their horizons into the rapidly expanding markets of SSI Technical Extended Range & SSI Freediving. If that wasn’t enough we also offer career development seminars to help new Divemasters get a step ahead in the world of Scuba by looking at how to apply for positions, create an effective Resume & what skills you have or may need, both in diving & beyond to clinch that dream job.

Get a rounded expereince!


I really do wish this was the Divemaster course I completed as going out into the world as a new dive professional can be a daunting experience. With the skills & experience essential  to being a successful Divemaster provided during our program & Internship, a Master Divers Divemaster can truly be referred to as a Master Divemaster.



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