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New Dive Centre Kit Room Update

You might remember that over monsoon we are moving location – only a few hundred meters along the beach – its been a while since we have given you an update and many of you have been asking !  Our new kit room and wet area will be separate from the dive center and on the beach.  Those of you who have been following the progress will remember that this is what the land looked like.

What it looked like at the beginning

Elaine then made some detailed plans !

Detailed Plan

And work began …

The first step

Its been far from an easy ride but work is progressing well – the walls went up and the posts to support the roof for the sheltered walkway and kit drying rail.

Brick instead of scaffold!

The next step was a roof !   You might remember Wilco originally wanted a firemans pole running down from here. Initially we thought this would be great fun but having stood on the roof and looked down, we realized that it probably wasn’t such a good idea!

Nearly there !

The little room ontop of the building is where Nai Len and Greedy will live – which we think is one of the best rooms on the island !  In front of their room will be a relaxing area with the best sunset view !

The ground floor is very close to being ready to move into…and to say we are all very excited about the move it a very large understatement.






















Stay tuned – things are moving really quickly now………….

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