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New Dive Centre Update

After our last post about the progress of the new kit room, I know you are all keen to see how the main dive centre area is looking.  Well here we go – this more of a photo essay – but you might remember from our first post announcing our move that below is what we started with.

Where we started.

On the left on the inside was some delightful pink decoration and a toilet in the corner.  You can also see a window on the back wall where there’s a room behind it.  We actually converted this back room into a classroom and have used it for professional level courses throughout the year.




Inside at the front on the left


Clearly both the pink and the toilet needed to go!

Taking out the strangely located toilet.



As this would be the area for the new front desk and the room behind would become a general staff office and logistics centre.  We needed to brick up the window and put in a door.  The door to this area was actually around the corner which didnt make sense for its new use.

Bricking up the window and putting in a door.




The front counter will be built infront of this and you might remember from our earlier post that we are using wood from the bar / cafe counter from the old shop.  Below you can actually see into the right hand side of the shop and the new toilets too – but more on this side of the shop below.


Waiting for the front counter…

The unit that we have taken is a double unit and it was actually partitioned off with a glass wall.  We wanted this as an open area to form a large L shape …So this had to go…



The right hand side

We actually filled this side – using it as a storage are for things that we started to move and also the things we needed for the new centre bought in our epic shopping trips to Chumphon.



Partition Gone


The corner is actually where the new bathrooms would be and you can see the work progressing here.


New Bathrooms


And looking more complete here….





This gives you a more overall view from the centre …..


The middle area

And this too – but you can see the area is still in the process – but notice the ceiling is up !





Again – stay tuned for more news ………….


2 Comments on New Dive Centre Update

  1. commented by Kevin Fletcher on 11 November 2012

    Nice going! Looks like you will be ready for me in January!!!! Hope to see you all about the 21st?

    1. commented by Ayesha Cantrell on 12 November 2012

      Certainly hope so ! Hahaha ! I will pencil you in – just drop me a mail about accommodation !

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