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Composting Arrives at Master Divers

At Master Divers we are always looking for ways to lessen our impact on the environment both in and out of the water. We participate in regular clean-ups, maintain an extensive recycling centre, and reuse everything possible. It was not until recently we thought we could be doing a little more to reduce the amount of daily trash. Composting was the first thing that came to mind. Counting both staff and students, we easily can have up to 20 people a day enjoying breakfast and/or lunch in the shop, creating a lot of compostable material that needlessly fills our trash bins.




At first we looked into creating our own compost, but due to space constraints and not producing quite enough material for an effective compost, we contacted Adam Dusen at Save Koh Tao-Land Conservation Branch for his advice. Adam had previously given workshops on permaculture and composting and we knew he would be an excellent person to show us the way to creating our first compost. Just as we had suspected, it would be hard to create a productive compost without enough material and space. Thinking we’d have to give up the composting idea, Adam graciously offered to take our material and add it to his existing compost; success! No longer will we fill our rubbish bin with perfectly compostable fruit and veggie bits, tea bags and miscellaneous food scraps.


Compost Poster


At this point you might be thinking, why bother? Food disintegrates fairly quickly when thrown away; why not just put it out with the rubbish? It’s simple; compost is a nature’s own brand of fertilizer, providing nutrients and soil structure more abundantly and organically than fertilizer. We are by no means composting experts, but we do understand that we can benefit greatly by giving back to the earth that which we have taken and composting is one simple easy step to do so.



Massive thanks to Adam Dusen and Save Koh Tao- Land Branch for making composting at Master Divers possible.

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