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How to be a good freelance dive instructor on Koh Tao.

Being a good freelancer starts from when that phone rings!

When you get offered work, don’t be picky or try to hedge your bets that something better might come in. Don’t whine that it’s a small group, you are a freelancer and if you are a new one, you are at the bottom of the ladder. So say yes, smile and say thank-you!

Dont worry, be happy!
Don’t worry, be happy!

On no account should you ever call back later and cancel because someone has offered you work for more money. This is not only very unprofessional but it will guarantee you will never work for that dive centre again. Dive centres do talk to each other and pass references and recommendations – Koh Tao is a small island!

Confirm you have the relevant phone numbers and know who to call if you are taken sick or have an accident and can’t work the next day.

If you are working for a centre but get a call from another for work the next day, before accepting it, its polite to double check with the centre you are working for that day as they might have planned you in for something already.

It should go without saying that you need to turn up clean and tidy, smelling nicely with a smile on your face.  Do not wear a t-shirt from another dive centre on the island. If your divers are coming in at 9am, get there15/30mins before. If you are heading straight out on the boat, ensure you are there in enough time to pack your divers bags and help prepare the boat.

Work it baby!
Work it baby!

Take care that you have all of the things you need from a white board marker, to copies of knowledge reviews and answer keys and other appropriate teaching material and full dive gear including torch! Dive centres have a finite amount of gear and are unlikely to lend items to any member of staff unless in the case of failure on the boat. If your reg is in for service, get it done quickly and let the appropriate person at the dive centre know.

Each dive centres processes are different and they will all have slightly different ways for checking out gear to divers, transferring gear and divers to the dive boat, protocol on the boat, washing and returning gear. If you are not briefed, ask and help the rest of the team. Remember they will be providing feed back on your performance.

Finally there will be paperwork for both your diver and for you to do, complete it fully before leaving for the day. Before you go, check that there was nothing else expected of you and say thank-you!

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