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How to be a good student.

This isn’t about being teachers pet or bringing your instructor coffee/chocolate/beer (after diving). Not that that wouldn’t be appreciated mind you! Being a good student will ensure that you get the most out of your course and your instructor too.


Firstly carefully read and clearly complete what can seem like the endless forms that are required. Please be truthful on the medical form and also regarding the swimming requirements if you are taking an open water course.

Be on time, it’s polite, and it ensures that no one’s time is wasted and nothing gets rushed. Island time doesn’t apply to scuba diving; we need the boat and the classes to run on time!

Listen to your scuba instructor at all times; don’t sit on your phone checking out Facebook. What they are telling you effects your safety and could save your life!

Do your homework! You have paid good money for this course so get the most out of it; otherwise you are wasting your money!

Stay with your buddy, its very exciting underwater but swimming off and leaving your buddy puts them at risk as well you. This will also cause your instructor to come after you which will be disruptive to the entire group.

Take care of your payment in a timely manner.

Take care of the rental equipment and treat it as if were your own.

Be conscious and aware of the others in your group, their needs and feeling too.

Make sure you keep an open dialogue with your instructor otherwise they cant help you if you are cold, feel unwell or don’t understand something.

Follow these simple tips to ensure your course is fun for everyone in it!

Leave us a comment below and tell us what makes a good scuba instructor and you might see this featured on our blog in the future.



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