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A day in the life of a Dive Master Trainee at Master Divers.


I have never imagined myself as a Divemaster. My first dive was 3 years ago, in cold water and bad visibility in the south of Brazil. After some dives in other places, my interest about diving increased. Therefore the wish for a new lifestyle brought me to Koh Tao.

The Divemaster Course is very fun and I have enjoyed it so much! I have meet great people who share the same feeling as me: The love for the sea and the underwater life!

In my course and internship at Master Divers, I have learnt a lot about the environment, marine life, equipment (operation, maintenance and care), physiology, safe procedures, and, of course, underwater skills! Now I am able to do things underwater that I couldn’t imagine 3 months ago! And the best part, I can help people to improve their skills and have fun too!

mari and Andre

Another thing that I love here is participating on “Beach clean ups” promoted by Master Divers. In my opinion, actions like this show how good and responsible the company is. Also as a Divemaster, the responsibility about the environment is bigger because you are a role model for beginner divers. So if you take care and do something to protect the environment, other people will do the same.


For me, the Divemaster Course was very challenging, especially because I haven’t done it in my first language, but I can assure you it is the most fun and excited training in a diver’s life. Of course I still have a lot to learn but by doing the internship with the professional support helped on my development and to feel safer on my new career. Now, I’m a Divemaster and I’m so happy for that!


By Marilei Kuns

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