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Fascinating Fish Facts

There are over 25,000 known fish species, and an estimated 15,000 still undiscovered. Although we are yet to discover all the fish on our planet, the ones we know of are truly amazing! Here are 12 fascinating and slightly surprising facts about some of our Oceans most interesting fish:

1. The Giant Squid’s brain wraps tightly around its throat, and therefore risks brain damage if it eats anything too big. Now that would be a final supper to die for!


2. A shoal of fish refers to a collection of fish who swim together in a similar direction, but act independently. Whereas a school refers to a group of fish who move and manoeuvre in a tight synchronised formation for the purpose of hunting, protection, or mating.

3. Fish in the centre of a school control the passive movement by reacting to water pressure changes that are detected by sensitive hairs in their lateral line.


4. Fish can suffer insomnia and have an innate inability to sleep.

5. In a New York University experiment, a robotic fish was accepted into a community of other fish and became the most dominant fish and leader.

6. A collection of Jellyfish is known as a ‘Smack’ of Jellyfish


7. Certain species of fish will change sex throughout their lives. Clown fish all start out as male, but the most dominant male will change sex if the groups female dies. Parrot fish have the sex organs of both male and female, and can therefore change sex throughout life.

8. Sharks are the only fish with eyelids which serve to protect the eyes when attacking prey.


9. Fish can actually drown in water. They respire using the oxygen in the water, and therefore will suffocate in oxygen-starved waters.

10. Herring communicate through farts

11. Fish have taste buds all over their bodies. Catfish in particular have 27,000 taste buds, whereas humans have only 9,000.


12. When Anglerfish mate, the much smaller males attach onto the body of the female and meld their for the rest of their lives, sharing gametes and bodies forever.

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