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Spotlight (literally!) on UV Night Diving


As some of you may already know, Master Divers is one of the limited number of dive centres in the world that offer UV Night Dives. These offer a truly awesome experience where you will really see the coral reef in a completely different light (again, quite literally!) as it fluoresces and glows!

UV Corals

How does it work we hear you ask? Well, its actually pretty straightforward, and you’ll be pleased to hear that you can wear your regular mask, so no need to worry about ill fitting equipment. We use special dichroic torches which have a blue beam. Unlike normal white light torches which are wide angle, the dichroic torches are very narrow angle beam, creating a spotlight effect on the area of reef you are looking at. Of course, if you dived with just this blue light alone, nothing would glow, and you’d just end up finishing the dive with a massive headache! So to balance this out, we use yellow visors that attach easily onto your regular mask. This filters out the blue wavelength light and allows you to see corals and even some marine life fluoresce!

Among our favourite things to spot under UV light are Scorpion Fish, Moray Eels and mushroom corals – which you can often observe feeding, a spectacular sight!

Moray Eels Under UV Light

Scorpion Fish under UV Light

Want to try it?! The visibility on a UV dive is more limited than a regular night dives, so we do need to be sure of your comfort and buoyancy underwater in general is up to the job. In order to take part in a UV night dive you need to have dived recently through the day, be comfortable with your equipment and buoyancy control and have already taken at least one regular night dive. Spaces are limited for this, so if you are interested please do let us know in advance and be sure to tell us a little about your night dive experiences so far.

UV flouro dives cost 2000thb per person and are inclusive of everything you need including equipment hire, boat fees and guide. Read more about our UV Night Dives.

Photo credit for the scorpion fish and moray eel pic goes to Elisabeth at Oceans below, and Daniel Halmi. You can see more of their awesome underwater images on their intagream pages oceans_below and _diver_dan

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