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SCUBA Diving for Families in Koh Tao

Did you know that children as young as 8 can dive with the PADI Bubblemaker programme? And from age 10 upwards can take full scuba courses!

Scuba Diving is such a fantastic sport for the whole family! Not only is it a fun way to spend more time together, but diving also provides valuable transferable skills like communication, working with a buddy, caring for the environment, and spacial awareness… to name a few! Plus there’s the bragging rights when they get back home to their friends having seen a turtle, shark etc!

Junior Divers Open Water Course
Junior Divers Learning Hand Signals


However, there is lots to consider, as our customer Jacques and his wife found out when planning their trip…

“Going to Thailand on our first family scuba trip involved hours and hours of research to find the best dive operation. This was of utmost importance as our two boys 13 and 10 just qualified in their Junior Open Water course and dad wanted the first diving experience to be good as this would set the tone for their future diving experiences. ”

Many parents also worry that children will find the self study aspects of the course too difficult – especially with younger children. However in our experience this is not necessarily the case – in most instances, children are actually more eager to learn than parents are! The amazing thing about dive courses is that they provide a viable practical application to many things that are in the school curriculum back home, such as maths problems (RDP and dive planning) and basic physics (buoyancy and gas laws). Many teachers in a traditional school setting struggle to find a way to engage students on these principles, but for the scuba instructor this is no problem as their students get to see the results in real life under the water!

Jason with Jacques and his boys
Jason with Jacques and his boys


Diver safety can also be a common concern for parents. Will their children be safe underwater? Do they trust the Instructor/Divemaster to take adequate care of their offspring? Valid concerns for any safety conscious parent, but not a problem here at Master Divers. We take pride in being a family friendly centre with top notch safety standards and attention to detail, as Jaques and his sons found out…

“Having reasonable experience myself, with my boys obviously being very new to the world of diving I can honestly say all three of us were blown away by the experience we had. I arrived with my Rescue Diver qualifications and during my time with Master Divers I progressed through to Master Diver Level….Our boys progressed with a further 2 courses which included Peak Performance Bouyancy and Underwater Navigator. The number one thing that stood out to us about Master Divers was their detailed focus on all safety aspects without fail – the boys completed 28 dives in their time with Master Divers and dived with 7 different instructors and 4 different dive masters and every single one of them delivered detailed dive safety briefs before every dive and debriefed the boys after every dive.”

PADI Bubblemaker Course
PADI Bubblemaker Course in Progress


And it’s not just Jacques, many other parents feel the same way. The following quotes are taken from some of our Trip Advisor reviews from diving families we’ve hosted…

“Master Divers entertained my 9 year olds’ passion for sea creatures and fascination with dive equipment with great knowledge and humour”

“You can tell Master Divers is an operation that’s not following a “certification factory” model because you never felt like they were short cutting just to collect your money. Obviously, when it’s one of your children diving with you, this is extremely important”

“We were nervous of taking our children for their first open water dive experience – we needn’t have worried. The team here were amazing with our children and we felt completely comfortable with them taking them diving.”

Parents may also wonder about diving equipment for children. Will the tank be too heavy? Do we have dive gear in child sizes? Not a problem! Here at Master Divers we pride ourselves on having the best equipment for all of our customers. We have junior sized wetsuits, BCD’s, fins, masks, and even special junior regulators with shorter hoses so children can learn more easily without getting tangles up! We also have some 8 litre tanks, meaning kids can get in and out of scuba gear easily, and climb the ladder back onto the boat at the end of their dives without needing to struggle with unnecessary weight.

Scuba Diving for Children
Kids Can Dive Too!


You can read further about diving options for children on our previous blog post, and if you have any further questions or need more info please feel free to contact us directly.

Special thanks to Jacques and Anna for their fantastic feedback, you can read their reviews in full along with our many others on our Trip Advisor page.

2 Comments on SCUBA Diving for Families in Koh Tao

  1. commented by robin sluter on 12 March 2019

    hello, my family and I are travelling to Thailand in April and wanted to learn to scuba dive. It will be myself, wife and our 11year old son. Please can you advise us off the best options to start learning.

    1. commented by Sarah Gladzewski on 14 March 2019

      Hi Robin! Thanks for your nice comment. Scuba diving is such a great activity for families and there are a couple of different options for you to get started. If you wanted to send us an email to info@master-divers.com, we can help you to plan your trip! 🙂

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