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Goodbye Koh Tao (for now)

Our Eco Queen Hayley says goodbye…

It’s the end of January and I’m sat in the Master Divers shop watching boats go in and out of the harbour on their way out to dive and I’m feeling more than a little sad. My time on Koh Tao is over for now, brought on earlier than expected because I’m needed by my family, and it is time to hand over and feel proud of our team’s achievements over the last year.


Lots have things have been changing at Master Divers recently. We have an awesome new Divemaster team in and they have such a great working relationship that you can feel their passion when you are out on the boat even when you are not diving in their group. There has been some change in our front of house staff as well, and it has been great seeing our new members get to grips with how everything works and become more confident talking about how awesome Master Divers is. Dan is back on board as our in-house photographer and has been making fantastic progress building up regular business with some cracking pictures!


Our eco brick project is also moving along nicely and after sitting down for a meeting with the rest of the Earth Day Team it was great to know that I wasn’t the only one that found making the bricks really hard work! Who needs the gym when you can stuff plastic into bottles?! Our plan for holding a eco brick event in March with the kids is coming along nicely and I’m really excited to see where this goes, but this is the sad bit… I’ll have to watch from afar. It’s tough being on the other side of the world from family, especially when they’re not well, so I need to make the move back.

This doesn’t stop me from caring any less about the Koh Tao community and underwater world and I’ll be keeping a proud eye on proceedings knowing that it will be in good hands. So, with a heavy heart I have to say that my reign is over, and that it’s time for a new Eco Queen (or King?!) to be taking my crown to manage all things eco for the MD team.


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