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Weekly Diving Report – February 16th – 22nd

While the visibility was a bit lower than average for this time of the year, we still had some great dives! During the past week we saw loads of marine life and plenty of happy divers.


In the last 7 days our Instructors and Divemasters explored a big variety of different dive sites, such as White Rock, Japanese Gardens or Nang Yuan Pinnacle, which is more commonly known as Red Rock. Some of our favourite dives this week were at Junkyard which is an artificial dive site just a short drive away from Master Divers.

Even when the visibility isn’t fantastic, there are still so many things to discover at Junkyard:



… and a lot of marine life, like this cheeky trigger fish, call the artificial structures their home now:



We have had some Junior divers joining us this week:



… and they loved their introduction to the beauty of the underwater world:




A very special thanks to our resident photographer Dan & see you next week for a new Weekly Dive Report!

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