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Weekly Diving Report – March 16th – 22nd

We are slowly – but surely – getting into hot season here on Koh Tao and cooling off with some great diving is always a welcome excuse to get out of the office for us… (Closely followed by having ice cream for lunch, but that’s a completely different story…)

Also, last week was full moon, which makes us excited because it means the corals will spawn (and ultimately grow). On the downside, sometimes the trade off is reduced visibility for a couple of days. However, as you can see from our latest video, the conditions have been holding up and we’ve had another fantastic week of diving:


During the last week our students and fun divers visited a bunch of our favourite diving spots around Koh Tao, including Twins, Japanese Gardens or Pottery.

One of Koh Tao’s so called ‘usual suspects’ is the pink anemone fish and it can be find on almost all dive sites:



You might need to look a little bit closer, because these guys usually prefer to hide in the cracks of the reefs, but moray eels too can be commonly found when you dive around Koh Tao. Our photographer Dan is very good at spotting them and there’s almost no Weekly Diving Report without at least one picture of a moray:



We see numerous butterfly fish on almost every dive and they usually hangout in pairs – which is very adorable:



One of our local favourites is the quirky dive site Junkyard which is not a dumping ground for unwanted trash, but actually an artificial reef project that attracts lots and lots of different types of marine life, like some different types of puffer fish for example. It’s always a good background for some funny pictures under water:



We hope you enjoyed this little report and our introduction to some of the more common species around Koh Tao. Be sure to check back in next week for a little ‘Best Of’ for the first Quarter of 2019…

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