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Weekly Diving Report – March 30th – April 5th

Our in-house photographer Dan is back from a well-deserved little holiday and he brought new camera toys with him… We can promise that it’s not just his new lens, but in fact, the diving conditions have been stunning lately with flat seas and great visibility.

Not that we ever need an excuse for going diving, but the air temperatures have been creeping up more and more (which also means more ice cream for lunch). This means that every additional dive we can get logged is a welcome cool down, too.

And for those of us here that have to cover the office, even looking at the latest report makes us incredibly happy!



All the way from our entry-level student divers, to our certified divers, and pro-level trainees, everyone had a great week of diving. Some of our favourite dives last weeks were at spots like Chumphon Pinnacle, White Rock and Mango Bay.

The visibility has been amazing lately and you can see our entire boat from below the surface:



But not only if you look up to the surface you can get interesting shots, sometimes it’s the simple things like this whip coral that make for a beautiful picture:



We enjoyed spotting the resident lion fish at Chumphon Pinnacle:



As well as the bright yellow butterfly fish at White Rock:



And of course the week’s review wouldn’t be complete with an obligatory picture of Dan’s favourite, the white eyed moray eel:



We hope you enjoyed this week’s review and we’ll see you back here after the Songkran Weekend for our latest review!

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