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Weekly Diving Report – April 13th-19th

Welcome back for our latest edition of the Weekly Diving Report!

The previous week was quite busy for us here on Koh Tao, with both, Songkran and Easter Holidays, falling in the same period of time this year… But what better time to come for a visit to our lovely little paradise island: the weather has been stunning (but hot!!!) and the diving conditions are great at the moment!

But why don’t you just see for yourself:


During the previous week our divers & snorkellers enjoyed their trips to local favourites like Twins, White Rock or Japanese Gardens. And despite the fact that Koh Tao is pretty busy at the moment, you can still enjoy these dive spots in peace – as you can see in Dan’s amazing shots…

We’ve been blessed with quite a few turtles recently – with some of our divers reporting three different individuals during one single dive. No wonder that our two favourite shots of last week are of these two turtl-ey awesome guys:




But fear not! Turtles are not the only interesting marine life that Koh Tao has to offer… How about this super cute (and shy!) little puffer fish trying his best to hide under a bit of coral.



Speaking of shy creatures. Blue spotted rays are among the usual suspects on almost any dive on Koh Tao. And even though they are usually trying their best to hide during daytime, they are easily spotted due to their unique pattern:



Sometimes, you’ll have to have a good eye to spot the little critters. This tiny guy has made himself at home in a bit of marine debris:



And then there always is a good old hermit crab! Well camouflaged within its shells, the first thing that sticks out are his eyes. And just so you know, he’s been watching you long before you even spotted him…



We hope you enjoyed this week’s little Easter-inspired hide-and-seek version of our Diving Report and join us back here next week for some updates on the conditions and more pictures of Koh Tao’s best diving!

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