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Weekly Diving Report – April 20th-26th

We are back today with a new update on our Weekly Diving Report! Another month is almost over – and not only was this April extremely hot & sunny, but also the diving conditions have been constantly good during the last couple of weeks…

This week our in-house photographer Dan managed to display a variety of our ‘usual suspects’ as we like to call them:


In this week’s edition we would like to present an overview of the typical marine life you can discover on during your PADI Open Water Diver course (or any typical fun dive) on Koh Tao.

But first of all lets have a look at some of our most popular dive sites: in most of our reports you will find spots like Japanese Gardens, Mango Bay or Twins, for example. These spots offer great conditions for beginners or PADI Advanced Open Water Diver courses alike and also our fun divers enjoy some shallow afternoon dives at these dive sites.

Let us introduce everyone’s favourites: Koh Tao’s turtles. There are a few different theories why Koh Tao is actually called ‘Turtle Island’ but whichever story you want to believe, you might actually encounter one of our resident turtles during your dives on the island. Lately, White Rock has been the site where they have been spotted more regularly:



Next one up are our ‘nemos’ or anemone fish, how they are actually called. If you want to learn more about these feisty little things, make sure to check out this blog post which we published last year!




Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without a picture of a ray. By far the most common species we’ll see on Koh Tao is the bluespotted ray, even though we occasionally also find other members of the family. The bluespotted ray is typically hiding away under a bit of coral and only comes out at night to hunt:



A very similar behaviour can be observed with our moray eels (hiding during daytime and hunting at night). You can find them in almost every single Weekly Diving Report and we’re sure that Dan has a soft spot for them…



We hope you enjoyed this week’s review. Of course, these are just a few of our ‘usual suspects’ and if you come back next week, we’ll have more updates and interesting fish facts.

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