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Weekly Diving Report – May 4th – 10th

This week started with one of our favourite days of the year here at Master Divers, May the 4th, also known as Star Wars Day! And if you’re not sure why this is a special day for us, you should come for a visit and find out for yourself…

Other than that it’s been a little bit more quiet on the island recently and with the wind picking up slightly, our visibility dropped a little bit too. But don’t worry, the conditions have been quite nice and you can see for yourself in our latest report:



Lighthouse Bay, in the Northeast of Koh Tao, is one of the spots we unfortunately can’t go to very often – but actually managed to visit twice in the last week. Our students were happy to spot some Great Barracudas there during their dives:





Some of the spots we visit more regularly, such as White Rock for example, showed nice diving conditions, too. Fun fact: did you know that anemones ‘close up’ before a storm coming is in? If you see lots anemones on a dive site with their green or purple parts showing, you pretty much know that the weather will be changing soon…



White Rock actually held a BIG surprise for of divers, including most of our pro-level trainees, last week: During their surface interval they had the chance to swim and snorkel with one of the big spotty guys: a (baby) whaleshark. While there are no actual underwater shots from this special visitor, look at this gorgeous shots one of our Divemaster candidates managed to snap on the surface:



Snorkelling with a whaleshark is always a guarantee for smiley faces on the way back to land, too:



One of our favourite shots of last week is of instructor Kiri, enjoying the calm conditions on Koh Tao. When we asked her about the picture, she said she had to laugh because our photographer Dan all of the sudden sneaked up out of nowhere… Look at that smile behind the mask and regulator!



Lots of bubbles & lots of happy divers during the last week! That makes us look forward to next week’s report of course. See you then…

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