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Weekly Diving Report – May 25th – 31st

Welcome back to another week of our regular dive site reports on Koh Tao’s most popular spots!

The previous week has brought back a few friendly faces that we hadn’t seen in a while (students and staff members) and also the visibility has been improving towards the end of a week. Enough reason to be excited about the last week and without further ado, we’ll present our best of:


Finally, the winds are calm and the sea flat enough to venture out to ‘the other side’ of the island – how we generally refer to the East coast of Koh Tao. The two spots we visited in the South East of the island were Aow Leuk and Hin Ngam, but we also dived at our more regular locations such as Japanese Gardens, Twins or White Rock for example.


If you follow our various Social Media channels, you know that we organise underwater cleanups on a regular basis. Not only during these so-called ‘dives against debris‘ we pick up trash from the ocean, but we also do this on every single dive!

Sometimes, our finds make us giggle a little bit, like in this case for example:



Our students had plenty of reasons to smile as well, of course. Our guides and instructors pointed out a huge variety of interesting and colourful marine life. These pretty guys for example:




Every once in a while, it’s a little bit more tricky to spot the interesting marine life as quite a lot of species are hiding in the cracks of the reef or under rocks during daytime and only come out at nighttime to hunt. One of the typical examples for this are moray eels:



This little guy tried hiding behind the concrete block (which is part of one of our artificial reef projects around Koh Tao), but his size made it rather impossible for him to not be spotted by our divers…



As you can see, there was loads to discover on our dives last week and we had a whole lot of happy divers joining us…



We wish you a wonderful week and look forward to seeing you back here next Monday!

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