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Weekly Diving Report – June 8th – 14th

Do you belong to the people that dread Mondays because it means you have to go back to the office? Here on Koh Tao weeks of the day don’t really matter and if the ocean is your office, there it’s never really too frustrating when you have to go back to work after a day off…

The conditions have been a little bit mixed in the last couple of weeks and the visibility has been up and down. The good news is that we keep a close look on the weather forecast and even when the wind picks up we find a sheltered spot where we can have some fantastic dives:


You want to hear about a typical ‘work week’ on our tropical island? Let us run you through our schedule…

We start off with ‘Mango Mondays‘ – this usually means some diving in shallow waters. Mango Bay is the perfect spot for training dives and relaxed fundiving.



If we are lucky, this is followed by ‘Turtle Tuesdays‘. We currently have regular visits by the ocean’s cutest reptiles on dive sites like White Rock for example. And did you know that last week we celebrated ‘World Sea Turtle Day’?!



Next thing on our list is ‘Wavy Wednesday‘. The wind has been picking up but luckily this hasn’t affected our diving conditions too much. Look at these two buddies, gliding through the water undisturbed.



You almost guessed what’s next? Right, ‘Twins Thursdays‘ – another one of our local favourites and usually full of beautiful marine life. Last week our photographer Dan managed to capture this beautiful shot of some staghorn coral at Twins.



We’re getting closer to the end of the week and celebrate this with ‘Fishy Fridays‘. Of course, we see a LOT of fish and other marine life during any day of the week, we love this feisty little fella. Damsel fish are usually very territorial and like to make sure that you stay away from their favourite sponge:



The week wouldn’t be complete without a visit to our local shipwreck which means we can get ‘Sattakut Saturdays‘ logged in. The visibility has been a bit below average, but this adds to a little bit of eerie atmosphere and makes for some interesting pictures:



Last, but definitely not least is our ‘Special Sunday‘ – this is where we collect our bonus points… This week our most special dives were at one of our deeper and more advanced dive sites, Chumphon Pinnacle. And without further ado here’s our final shot of the week:



We hope you enjoyed following us through a week of diving on Koh Tao and hopefully see you back here in 7 days…

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