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Weekly Diving Report – June 29th – July 5th 2019

We are back with a splash and our latest update on Koh Tao’s diving conditions. If you follow our blog on a regular basis, you know that the conditions on Koh Tao are generally great and once again we have a video waiting for you to prove our point… While the monsoon season in other regions means that their diving is limited to a certain amount of time, one of our big advantages is that we can dive all year round.

From entry-level to dive pro – our divers enjoyed some brilliant diving last week:


We visited a range of dive sites during the last week ranging from shallow spots like Mango Bay or Twins, deeper sites with exciting swim-throughs like Green Rock, to some secret favorites like Lighthouse Pinnacle.

Green Rock is a dive site that is generally suitable for all levels, but can see some more challenging currents at certain times of the month. One thing that makes it special is the formation of rocks and boulders which offer the perfect hiding space for all sorts of marine life. From our favourite gentle giants (the infamous whale sharks) to teeny-tiny nudibranches – we’ve seen it all at Green Rock!





Some of the more ‘visible’ species around Koh Tao are all of our banner fish, angel fish and butterfly fish. In fact, they are so common on most of our dive sites that we call them ‘our usual suspects’. They normally hang out in pairs (or buddy teams) but sometimes can be seen alone as well – but either way they are always welcome to hang out in front of our camera lens:





See you back again next week for the latest update on our dive sites, marine life sightings and snapshots of our favorite fishy friends!

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