5 Diving Blogs we are reading in 2019

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5 Diving Blogs we are reading in 2019

Quite naturally we are doing a lot of research and we’ve been reading lots and lots of scuba diving blogs – the good ones and unfortunately also the not so good ones. But there are also a few excellent blogs out there and today want to share our favourites that are totally worth your attention!

Must-read diving blogs

While we’re out diving regularly, there’s also quite a bit of time we spend behind our computer screens – so much in fact, that even our boat captain P’Dong has been commenting on my ‘office tan’ recently… Aside from scheduling dives and courses, answering emails and making sure the dive centre operations run smoothly, of course we get to have fun with our Social Media platforms, including this blog.

1. PADI PROs – A blog for PADI Professionals


It’s not be a big surprise that we regularly read what PADI is blogging about to keep up to date with latest news on Marine Conservation, Dive Travel and other interesting dive related topics. However, we are also following PADI’s second blog project which is aimed a little bit more at Dive Pros (and those who want to become professionals in the future).

This blog features an interesting collection of topics around diver safety, dive centre marketing & organisation and other topics related to the dive industry. If you have always wondered what’s happening ‘behind the scenes’ of a dive school, this blog is worth being added to your reading list!


2. Girls That Scuba – Scuba Diving Website for Women


This one is more of an entire diving community than a just blog but we couldn’t write this list without mentioning ‘Girls That Scuba’. Most people know the project from their very active community page on Facebook, and if you haven’t yet, then you should definitely check it out. 35,000+ group members politely discuss dive topics and especially newbie divers feel safe to ask ‘silly’ questions that they would normally be afraid to raise in other public scuba forums. Take the idea of a women’s only gym and transfer it to an online community for divers and you get what I’m talking about.

The matching website is a perfect reflection of the topics that are discussed in their social media groups and the authors focus on topics that range from (female friendly) dive equipment to reviews of bucket-list-worthy dive destinations – to just name two examples. If you are female and a diver, don’t hesitate to bookmark Girls That Scuba.


3. scubapsyche – dive beneath the surface


We discovered Laura Walton, the author of this blog, through her guest blog posts for PADI and when we first clicked on the scubapsyche blog, we couldn’t stop reading for hours! As the name suggests, the blog focuses on human psychology and what happens to us when we go scuba diving. It’s an incredibly fascinating topic and her blog will help you understand where emotions like fear or panic come from and how to deal with those emotions in a diving context.

The website is well structured and features a variety of articles on the topic that can be equally interesting for new divers (who will soon realize that they are not alone with their struggles) but also for dive professionals (who will be able to better understand the concerns their student divers might have).

Be prepared to learn about a lesser know aspect of scuba diving and get totally engrossed in her blog!


4. SCUBA Diving


The online version of the popular ‘Scuba Diving Magazine’ covers everything and anything a diver could be interested in: diving equipment, scuba travel, underwater photography and videography and many, many more. Sure, there is quite a bit of ‘sponsored content’ to scroll past, but you will also find incredibly interesting articles, for example on dive medicine (usually in co-operation with DAN, the Diver’s Alert Network).

One of our favourite parts on their blog is the ‘Lessons For Life’ section, where the author analyses (real-life) diving accidents and what conclusions can be made to avoid similar situations in the future.

Pro tip: Their weekly newsletter is worth subscribing to as it’s a great tool of keeping up to date with the best articles and videos that have been published throughout the previous 7 days.


5. Alex in Wanderland


Last but not least – and definitely one that has to be on this list! While Alex’s blog is actually more of a travel blog, she puts a big focus on scuba diving too and as a certified PADI Divemaster she knows what she’s talking about. Being a traveller at heart, Alex had her home base on Koh Tao for many years and we especially love reading her chirpy posts that feature our little island paradise.

If you follow us throughout our Social Media channels, you would have probably seen her blog before as we collaborated with Alex on multiple occasions (see here and here) in the past…


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