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Weekly Diving Report – August 31st – September 6th 2019

Why don’t you come a little bit closer. Come on, a little bit more… Yes, that’s right! Sometimes you need to get your nose right up to the reef and you’ll find the most amazing creatures under water. Have you ever noticed how pretty corals are when you look at them through a macro lens?

Well, you’re in luck! Our in-house photographer Dan has an eye for macro stuff and this week’s dive site report is packed with some fun close ups of Koh Tao’s critters:


Hunting for critters and admiring ‘macro stuff’ has recently become so popular that some divers even go as far as packing a small magnifying glass with their dive kit. Like with everything in diving, it’s crucial that your buoyancy is spot on and you don’t bump into the reef when you look at stuff.

Now, let’s get to the point and actually have a closer look what we found during last week’s dives:

First of all there is this pretty little nudibranch that blends in almost perfectly with it’s surroundings. Only the colourful, striped rim seems to give away that there’s something else than just a piece of coral and we are always pleased when we find a new variation of nudibranches on one of our dives around Koh Tao!



We are completely in awe with how stunning the colours of these corals in the pictures below are! The first one seems almost as if we’d been on a UV night dive, but our photographer assured us that the picture was taken during a regular day-dive at Green Rock!





And then of course there are the cute critters that fall into the category of ‘Koh Tao’s Usual Suspects’! Christmas Tree Worms can be seen on almost any dive around the island and also the little striped blenny is fairly common (despite the fact that they are quite good hiding…)!





We hope you enjoyed this report as much as we did and say goodbye and until next Monday!


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