Weekly Diving Report – November 9th – 15th 2019

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Weekly Diving Report – November 9th – 15th 2019

Welcome back to a new edition of our Weekly Diving Report. It’s been a bit quiet here, because our resident photographer was on a little holiday… However, now that he is back we have a beautiful update of Koh Tao’s finest dive sites for you!

Around this time of the year, when it’s grey and rainy back at home (if ‘home’ is somewhere in the Northern hemisphere) we receive a lot of booking enquiries asking if it’s even worth coming for a visit or if monsoon season makes Koh Tao un-diveable. And while it’s not that easy to predict when monsoon actually hits the Gulf of Thailand, it’s quite safe to say, that Koh Tao is worth a visit all year round!

We have had a bit of wind and some rain (however, no monsoon yet…) so far and have a look at how colourful & gorgeous the diving conditions still are!


This is actually also the time of the year, when all of our three boats make their way over to the mainland and receive their annual maintenance. It’s worth all the logistics and additional work when they return to Koh Tao looking as good as our medium sized ‘MD boat”:


But now let’s head back under water and check out some more of the cool stuff that our divers saw during the previous week. Anemones belong to the common sights here on Koh Tao and they are so mesmerizing to watch! Look at that cute little pink anemone fish that’s poking his face out to say ‘Hello!’ to our divers…


Last but not least, we want to show you one of our favourite picture of the week! Who wants to be in dark November weather, when you could start your day with a dive at White Rock, right?


We wish you a nice week and remember, if the weather gets too awful back at home, your next holiday to the tropics is only a few clicks away…

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