Weekly Diving Report – November 16th – 22nd 2019

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Weekly Diving Report – November 16th – 22nd 2019

Just on time, every Monday afternoon we post a review on our diving conditions here on Koh Tao and you might be wondering why?!

There is a lot of work going into these reviews, from taking the pictures in the first place, to cutting them together in a little compilation and uploading everything online. The Weekly Diving Reports have been a continuous project over the past years to give our guests an idea on what to expect when they come for a visit on the island and is a great way to compare the conditions over the years!

As part of our reviews, we like to include some shots on the surface so you can also get an idea on what the weather was like. Even when it’s a bit cloudy, it’s still quite pretty out here – so don’t let the weather forecast fool you!


But of course we know that you are even more curious to find out what we’ve been spotting during our dives… And sometimes it’s the usual suspects like these two pretty banner fish:


Then again, we also regularly get excited about the ‘small stuff’… Look at Instrcutor Jason (in perfect trim) admiring this family of clown fish:


Our team of experienced Divemasters and Instructors will find something interesting to observe for you on all the dive sites. One of the other things all divers usually like looking at are the graceful batfish who call the artificial structures at a local site named Junkyard their home:


Once more, we hope you enjoy our reports and they help you plan your next diving holiday to Koh Tao! See you back here next week!

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