Weekly Diving Report – Best Of 2019 Special

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Weekly Diving Report – Best Of 2019 Special

Here’s to the final Weekly Diving Report of the year – and actually even the final report of this decade. This little project of regular updates on Koh Tao’s diving conditions has been going on since 2011(!) and is a fantastic way of re-viewing the conditions, but also of getting a pre-view what the diving might be like during your upcoming trip.

To finish the year in style, we have a special little treat for you, our 2019 Best Of Special Edition video! Not only can you take a look at all of our favourite diving moments of the past 12 months, but also see the best team of the year! Without each and every single one of them, this year wouldn’t have been the same and we could not be prouder of our hard-working crew!

But enough big words, can we get a drum roll, please? Lean back and enjoy our Best Of 2019 Compilation!

*** We wish all of our readers a Happy New Year! ***

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