Weekly Diving Report – February 8th – 14th 2020

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Weekly Diving Report – February 8th – 14th 2020

We took a little break from our Weekly Reports and did a little bit of Spring cleaning… We hope you didn’t miss us too much.

Admittedly the visibility during the past few weeks hasn’t been brilliant and our photographer Danny took some time off and managed to ‘miss’ these conditions. Anyways, the diving conditions have been improving visibly during the last few days and as we are posting this update, we are excited that it’s finally getting a LOT nicer again. But let’s have a look at the past week first:

We have mentioned it in previous Weekly Diving Reports before, but one of the best things to do, when you are diving in ‘not-so-great’ visibility is to focus on the small stuff. And you’ll be amazed to find all the tiny things – the things that you might have missed before!

Look at this little cutie. He seems to be half-curious and half-shy, trying to hide from the camera… His (or her?) ‘eye makeup’ is very unique and we’re definitely happy that Danny managed capture him up-close:


Another species that comes in all sorts of forms, shapes, colours & variations are nudibranchs and most dive professionals are totally obsessed with finding these adorable little slugs. Come on, when is there ever a better reason to use ‘adorable‘ and ‘slug‘ in one sentence?!

One of the more common ones is the ‘jorunna funnebris’ or more commonly known as the polka-dot nudibranch. You have to get really close to see its markings as nicely as you can in this shot:


One of the most stunning shots of the past week is this ‘feathery star’. If you wouldn’t know that this picture was taken during a dive to local dive site Japanese Gardens, it would be difficult to even figure out what you’re actually looking at…


In between all these cool macro shots, Danny also managed to get a scuba-selfie in. So, if you were wondering who the person behind the lens is, here you go:


And if you think it’s only been about macro stuff during the past week, have a look at this pretty bit of reef and all the little Christmas tree worms that call it their home:


And then there was also this beautiful file fish at Pottery. If you keep a close look at the mooring lines as you descend or ascend you can quite often see (juvenile) file fish.


We are pleased to be back with a regular update on our local diving conditions and hope to see you back again next Monday!

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