Weekly Diving Report – February 29th – March 6th 2020

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Weekly Diving Report – February 29th – March 6th 2020

It’s been a little bit quiet on our Weekly Diving Report which is partly due to the diving conditions and partly due to our photographer Dan being busy. We are pleased to announced that Dan is back at work and also that the conditions have finally cleared up.

But why don’t you see for yourself in our latest clip?!

First things first: Let’s start off with a little photographic evidence that at least the weather has been fantastic here on the East Coast of Thailand during the last couple of days (probably weeks even). Look at these blue skies and flat seas!!!


Photographer Dan once more managed to capture our Instructor Adi’s entry – not only from the surface – but he also got a great shot of her under water:


Our divers who joined us in the last week, got to explore a variety of dive sites, such as Japanese Gardens, Mango Bay, White Rock or Twins for example. These are all great spots for beginners and more advanced divers alike and you can usually find a variety of coral & fish that call these tropical reefs their home:


Overall we are very pleased to see that the visibility is improving and we are expecting that everything should be back to ‘normal’ very soon. Happy days!!!


We look forward to sharing a new update with you next Monday! See you back here in a week!

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