Weekly Diving Report – March  14th – 20th 2020

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Weekly Diving Report – March 14th – 20th 2020

We are still catching up with our Weekly Dive Site Reports from a month ago. In this week’s post you can time-travel back to mid-March with us, into our ‘final week’ of diving before we had to close the dive shop for a little while.

Let’s start our review with a lovely little shot of two of our divers during the skills on a PADI Open Water Diver course. We usually start the skill sessions on our diving courses straight away in the ocean, which gives you the chance to already see some marine life during your training.


Some (new) divers think that certain marine life can be dangerous. We are actually quite lucky here on Koh Tao and there isn’t really much in our waters that could be dangerous to us divers – if we pay a little attention where we’re swimming and not to touch anything.

Take this beautiful sea krait, for example. While it’s certainly pretty venomous, it’s generally also very shy and would rather swim away from us divers than bite…


Then there are the infamous trigger fish, of course. They have a bit of a reputation of being somewhat ‘aggressive’ and some divers are terrified of being attacked by a trigger fish. But take it this way, they are simply protecting their territory from any unwelcome visitors. Social distancing at its best!


One more prime example for territorial behaviour is demonstrated by the cheeky little anemone fish. They form a perfect symbiosis with their anemone and make sure that no strangers come and visit their little home! Have you ever witnessed an anemone fish who’s gone a bit mad? It’s quite impressive to say the least!


While we could all learn a thing or two about social distancing by our fishy friends, let’s not be like this group of barracudas. But hey, wait, we hear there’s no COVID-19 under water anyway…


That’s it with our Weekly Report for this week, but don’t worry, we have one more special edition for you next week… See you back here next Thursday!

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