Our favourite movies & shows to watch during the lockdown

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Our favourite movies & shows to watch during the lockdown

This week we celebrated one of the most important days of the year for any true Jedi Master Diver, which was of course Star Wars Day. Inspired by this masterpiece of cinematography, we asked the team which movies and shows they have been watching in the last few weeks, so scroll down for some new additions to your watchlist! (Don’t worry, you won’t find the Tiger King in this list…)

What did the Master Divers team watch?

Let’s start with a little, but very important disclaimer: It actually turns out there is a LOT to do on Koh Tao rather than just watching TV shows or movies: At least half the Master Divers team claimed that they hadn’t been watching anything while in lockdown… And don’t worry, we will be revisiting this topic in the next few weeks and will tell you more about all the things that you can do on Koh Tao – besides diving, of course…

But the there’s also the ‘other half’ of the team. One of the most popular pastimes while we can’t go diving was TV! And let’s face it, when I interviewed some team members for this article, most of us found that it almost a little bit difficult to recommend only ONE show or movie which we had been watching recently. While some of us started watching all the new series which are available on Netflix & co, others have turned towards the old ‘classics’.

You will find my personal recommendation at the very end of this article – and trust me, it wasn’t easy to pick just one! While I’m still typing this, it almost feels like I should be talking about Star Wars. Obviously! It is by now an open secret that I had never watched Star Wars or at least couldn’t remember it, so that was definitely on top of the list of things I had to catch up with…

Enough of the intro, let’s start with some recommendations from our team members!

Kiri – Absurd Planet


“All the animal facts are actually true and quite accurate, but imagine David Attenborough took a lot of drugs, makes for fun viewing.”

Was there a favourite quote/favourite character and why?
A single quote is hard to pick out but it’s narrated by Mother Nature, the animals sing songs and comment and there’s even news documentaries, sports commentary’s and rap battles all done by the animals

Popcorn or tissues?
Definitely one to watch with a drink!

Kiri’s rating
10 out of 10. I binged the whole series and Jason did not complain about this one…

Adi – Money Heist


“I loved it, because the story is nerve-wracking with a lot of twists and suspense.”

Was there a favourite quote/favourite character and why?
Nairobi, because she is badass, funny, caring and really good at counterfeiting money all at the same time. She is the “f*** boss”.

Popcorn or tissues?
M&Ms and I cry so easily watching movies that I definitely need tissues.

Adi’s rating
I cannot wait for the next season so it is a good 9 out of 10 from me for that TV show.

Dimitri – Peaky Blinders


“Cillian Murphy is brilliant and so is Sam Neil. I like the general plot, the going back in time feeling (not that I am that old.. I just like the era). The music is excellent too!”

Was there a favourite quote/favourite character and why?
Oh well, Thomas Shelby by Cillian Murphy, a smart badd ass with no fear and Sam Neil as a nasty cop.

Who would you recommend this movie/series to and why?
Suspense, action, twists. I would recommend it to anyone who likes gangster movies and good music. A bit of violence but what would you expect with 1930s gangsters?

Dimitri’s rating
I wouldn’t watch it over and over, but a good 8 out of 10 for the variety of characters, the feeling of authenticity and some history.

Danny – The Umbrella Academy


“A well produced sci-fi series with a darker humorous side. Take a few episodes to get into, but fun once you get started.”

Was there a favourite quote/favourite character and why?
Klaus. Speaks with the dead, but as such, traumatized as a kid. Drug addicted comic relief for the most part, but you find out why as the series progresses.

Popcorn or tissues?
Popcorn for sure. It’s a unique series, with decent characters and a decent storyline. Good acting, and Ellen Page is in it to boot.

Danny’s rating
I’d put this in the 7-8 (out of 10) range I’m thinking.

Mel – Friends


“It’s funny, light hearted and no matter how many times you watch it, it never gets old! Even now 16 years after it ended!! (Fun fact today, 6th of May 2004 was when Friends ended! Haha, thanks google!)”

Was there a favourite quote/favourite character and why?
I love all the characters, but I think Chandler has the best one liners and phoebe is just hilarious! Smelly cat will live on forever!

Popcorn or tissue?
Definitely popcorn and comedy! Tv needs to be lighthearted and entertaining. We need to be able to laugh especially in times like this! I recommend it to everyone!!!

Mel’s rating
11 out of 10.

Kenny – Ozark


“It is WILD!! If you haven’t started watching it…. START NOW! I think the unexpectedness of the show is what I’m loving. Every scene keeps you on your toes, wondering what will happen next.”

Was there a favourite quote/favourite character and why?
My favourite quote of the series is from Buddy Dyker (he is an elderly man in the show with terminal heart failure): “When you think you’re gonna die yesterday, today is sweet.” And that really hit home to me. I think we spend too much time worrying about the little imperfections in life. When everyday on earth is actually such a blessing.

Popcorn or tissue?
POPCORN!!! I’m all about the edge of your seat excitement, and this series has kept me up till at least 2 am every night!

Kenny’s rating
I think I would give it a solid 8.5 out of 10! WELL WORTH IT!

Jordan – The Lion King (1994)


“No offence to the remake but it’s just not the same!! The animation is probably some of Disney’s finest as well as a beautiful soundtrack that everyone still knows off by heart over 20 years later!”

Was there a favourite quote/favourite character and why?
I could be cliché and go for the obvious Hakuna Matata, but instead I’m sticking with Rafiki and “the past can hurt but you can either run from it or learn from it.”

Who would you recommend this movie/series to and why?
A movie for everyone! It has everything you could ask for and it still gives me chills to this day.

Jordan’s rating
100% a 10 out of 10, you can’t go wrong with a Disney classic.

Giancarlo – Bon Appétit (YouTube)


“It’s not the most traditional answer, but lately I’ve been really diving into a lot of the content on the Bon Appétit channel on YouTube. (…) I’ve always loved learning tips and tricks chefs use in their kitchens, and it’s fascinating to see how some of these recipes develop over time.”

Was there a favourite quote/favourite character and why?
Brad Leone: “I’m a jar two-thirds full kinda guy, you know what I mean?”
Claire Saffitz: “Uh huh. … Jar…two thirds… full? Glass…half full?”
Brad: “Yeah but my jar is two-thirds full. It’s more than half. I’m very positive, Claire.”

Popcorn or tissue?
100% a popcorn show, or a cook-along show. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their cooking, find cooking inspiration, or learn a bit more about how many of their favourite food items are made, this is a fantastic channel to check out.

Giancarlo’s rating
This is a 10 out of 10 for me, as I’ve 100% re-watched many episodes, and recreated recipes I’ve found here. Check it out, and see how chefs experiment and work on their craft!

That’s it, the team has spoken! Which should give you plenty of inspiration of what to watch while you’re at home waiting for your next diving holiday. And last, but not least: My very own personal recommendation for this list is “Unorthodox” which I would rate with a solid 8 out of 10. It’s on Netflix, so check it ou

If you had to pick one, which show or movie would you recommend – and why? Let us know in the comments!

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