1 Day Conservation Experiences

Our 1 Day Conservation Experiences provide you the opportunity to learn about an aspect of marine ecology and conservation of your choosing and then participate in a conservation dive trip.

Starting with a morning lecture covering a specific topic in marine ecology or conservation, followed by an afternoon 2-dive trip to put what you learned in the morning into action. These experiences are perfect for those with a keen interest in the environment and conservation but with limited time.

See below for the list and description of our 1 Day Conservation Experiences. These courses are open to Open Water Divers or higher certification and cost 5,000 THB.

Contact us if you are interested in booking one of these or any of our conservation courses.

Turtles and Sharks

A perfect option for families…and all turtle and shark lovers!

A morning briefing will teach you all about turtle/shark ecology and conservation before taking an afternoon boat trip to our most popular shark and turtle sites to observe our island’s namesake and some of our resident baby blacktip reef sharks!

Marine Biology

Learn about the biology of our marine ecosystems.

A morning briefing will cover the basics of marine biology, from fish to invertebrates to coral and sponges and species identification, before heading out on an afternoon dive trip to two of Koh Tao’s reefs to put your new identification skills to work, alongside a coral health survey.


Microplastics are a major threat to our marine ecosystems.

A morning briefing will teach you about the threats that microplastics pose to our marine ecosystems and, increasingly, to life on land. You will learn some of the research techniques used to understand further this easily overlooked threat and what we can do to mitigate its ubiquity and impact. The afternoon presents the opportunity to add to our research by performing a microplastic survey en route to two dive sites to enjoy cleaning the reefs of larger marine debris and a guided fun dive.

Conservation Solutions

Come and learn about what Master Divers and other organizations worldwide are doing to help save our marine ecosystems.

A morning briefing will cover some of the conservation solutions being put into action to help protect marine ecosystems, such as artificial reef structures and Marine Protected Areas. The afternoon will see you heading out on a trip to Koh Tao’s artificial reefs to see what they look like in action and add to citizen science databases by performing your own coral health survey.

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