Master Divers Conservation

Master Divers has a commitment to the conservation of the beautiful and crucial coral reefs that support the diverse ecosystem around this tropical island. We believe in taking Direct Action to improve the health of our corals with the support of a strong community behind us and we encourage reef safe practices throughout our diving programmes.

Through our conservation courses, you can help us tackle the challenges facing our beloved coral reefs as you learn how to conduct scientific surveys, recording data integral to telling the story of how the health of the reef changes over time. Through the classroom sessions, you will learn about the complex ecological interactions within coral reefs which support 25% of marine life despite covering <1% of the sea floor.

The length of our short courses ranges from 1 day to 5 days and are available to those with an open water certification. These courses are great for those who have a passion for the ocean and want to learn more about the importance of coral reefs but have limited time on the island.

Our 2-week Advanced Conservation course offers the chance to be trained in advanced survey methodologies and to build the dive skills commonly required of a marine biologist in the field. Morning classroom sessions provide the knowledge to put your new scientific skills into practice and carry out surveys in the afternoon. Using the collected data, you will apply your knowledge from the classroom to design a reef health status report for Koh Tao. This course requires advanced open water certification.

We run monthly marine ‘Dive Against Debris’ and beach clean-ups as part of our wider conservation effort. They are a fun way to meet like-minded people and make a significant difference in our fight against plastic pollution as all too often tens of kilos are retrieved, recorded and reported.

Want to see some sharks and turtles? We have you covered, come with us on a day trip to Shark Bay and learn about their ecology, threats and conservation strategies in a fun for all the family experience!

Join us for our community, educational and arts n’ crafts workshops which are designed to foster an understanding and love of the reef and some beautiful artwork to boot!

Through EDUCATION we influence people’s attitudes, emotions, knowledge, and behaviours instilling a sound conservation ethic. We inspire our divers to join us in taking ACTION in all areas of their lives to contribute towards a cleaner Ocean. We take RESPONSIBILITY for the protection of the Ocean we rely on. Our signature TRAINING approach enables divers to fully respect the ocean. By sharing success stories and solutions and enacting action we want to create real HOPE for the future of our planet Earth


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