Discover Conservation (1 Day)

This 1-day course introduces you to the world of tropical marine biology and ecology, the threats that coral reef ecosystems face, and the conservation efforts employed to mitigate biodiversity loss. Start with a morning lecture covering important topics in marine conservation, followed by an afternoon 2-dive Reef Watch trip to monitor the health of the corals and the marine environment. This course is perfect for those with a keen interest in the environment and conservation, but with limited time.

This course is open to Open Water Divers or higher certification.

The course costs 5,500 THB.

Contact us if you are interested in booking this or any of our conservation courses.



This is a 1-day course that starts with a classroom session at 9am before 2 afternoon dives.

  • A lecture explaining the role that coral reefs and their inhabitants play on both local and global scales and their conservational importance, including a coral and fish identification workshop. 
  • Afternoon dives allowing you the opportunity to hone your identification skills in the field and help to assess the changing health of the reefs through a coral watch dive.
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