Our Equipment

Aqualung Dive Equipment

Our equipment consists of:

  • Aqualung Pro HD BCD
  • Aqualung Core regulator
  • Aqualung or Suunto dive computer
  • Open-heeled fins with booties
  • Mask & snorkel
  • 3mm shorty wetsuit (or rashguard, if preferred)
  • Tanks and weights

At Master Divers we understand the importance of having high-quality, well-maintained equipment which is why we provide premium Aqualung equipment for you to use, free of charge! You can also be assured that our equipment is regularly maintained to European standards by fully qualified scuba repair technicians.

No need to bring your own equipment! Save yourself your luggage allowance knowing you can trust that our equipment is safe and comfortable.

  • Our balanced Aqualung Core Regulators ensure ease of breathing during your dives, even the deeper dives
  • The Aqualung Pro HD BCD is comfortable to dive in, with ample pockets and rings to attach your accessories
  • Be in complete control of your dive with a dive computer, taking the worry out of planning dives with tables
  • Our open-heel fins and booties mean no more blisters from uncomfortable, poorly-fitting fins
  • We have a selection of masks to fit all faces, so no more annoying leaks during a dive either

If you’re interested in purchasing your own dive equipment while with us, our staff are happy to give their professional advice.

N.B. – Professional-level students require a full set of equipment during training, including a computer, compass, surface marker buoy, dive slate, knife, and whistle.

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