Underwater Photography


It’s so much fun to return from your holiday with some great photos to remember it by and social media makes it so much easier to share your experiences with friends and family. At Master Divers we recognize this and so try to ensure that you will have a professional underwater photographer out with you at some point during your stay. They will capture some great images of you underwater and some of the beautiful underwater life that you see. These will be available for you to buy as souvenirs along with some of our best shots from underwater Koh Tao.

We also teach Underwater Photography, not just the basic PADI Digital Underwater Photography course but also our very own bespoke courses;

Everyone has different needs when wanting to learn or improve upon their current underwater photography skills. This is why the rigid and set outlines of agency courses are not always a match for individual divers’ requirements where creative pursuits are concerned. There is a difference in what an accomplished land photographer with a handful of logged dives will need to learn versus an experienced diver with over 200 dives but no photography skills.

This is why we offer the flexibility to teach you the photography and diving skills that you specifically need via a tailored course which suits you and your goals. This allows us to concentrate on aspects that need the greatest development and assist you towards achieving your goals.

What you will do…
Each course duration, schedule, tasks, skills development and assignments are determined by your current skills, proficiency in the water, goals and equipment;

You might want to get to know your new camera and learn how to get the best out of it.

You might need to hone your buoyancy with photography in mind. Buoyancy is crucial to good clear, crisp images but it’s also crucial to making sure that both you and the reef are safe and we can help you improve this.

You might need help developing your creative eye and compositional techniques to know what looks good and why. Learn this and your self-critique will allow you to continuously improve your images.

You might need time to really get to know and understand your camera and how to manipulate it to get the effect that you desire. Familiarity will allow you to react quick enough to capture that once-in-a-lifetime shot.

While we believe that you should get the best image you can first time, we also know that underwater images can benefit from a little post-dive manipulation. We can teach you how to tweak and enhance your images but not to rely on it!

Practice, Practice, Practice…
It’s easier to start on land where we can talk and discuss too so you may have land assignments which will progress your familiarity with techniques before using them underwater.

We guarantee relaxed underwater sessions planned for you to get the most out of each dive in terms of time, conditions and subjects. Most photo courses are small with a maximum of 2 students which ensures lots of time for practice, feedback and development. If you are taking one of our multiple day courses, take a day in between, hire a private guide and go and put into practice what you have learnt.

Contact us, and we will build a course for you.

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