Things to do on Koh Tao

Besides the amazing underwater world we have surrounding Koh Tao where we can experience incredible underwater adventures, Koh Tao has numerous other awesome activities for everyone to enjoy!

Snorkel on Koh Tao

You can snorkel with Master Divers or book one of the many trips available – just ask at your resort of nearest travel agent. You can hire your own longtail too which will take you where you want to go or you can jump on a taxi to one of Koh Taos beaches.

  • Aow Luek – chances of black tip reef sharks and kuhls rays
  • Tanote – rock jumping and chilled vibes
  • Hin Wong Bay – chances for big schools of fish

Rock Climbing on Koh Tao

Rock climbing is becoming more and more popular on Koh Tao, there are lots of local sites that are bolted and ready to go. We have a wide range of climbs from beginner to intermediate and onto advanced levels too. Mainly granite based climbing, Koh Tao climbing sites usually mean knocking your regular level climbing down a level or two due to the slightly tougher terrain.

There is also a local climbing club that meets up on a Friday and also a bouldering gym located just up the road from Master Divers!

Check out there Facebook page to get regular updates and planned trips –

Rental options for any gear is readily available on the island and everywhere is failry accessible.

Please remember that Koh Tao does make it tricky, in general it’s recommend not to go to ‘altitude’ after diving, this is classified as 300m/1000ft – something you should always be aware of if you’re both a diver and climber!

Hiking and View Points

Koh Tao has some stunning hikes and view points, Koh Tao is a small island but has a great abundence of walks and hikes for anyone to enjoy.

You can take a leisurely coastal walk from Master Divers, heading south and end up at some beautiful little beaches such as Sai Nuan

Take it too new heights by checking out Two Views, Fraggle Rock and Love Koh Tao

We recommend an early morning hike to beat the heat and get a little work out in before the tropical sun bears down on you!

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