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Diving on Koh Tao, Summer 2018

How was your summer? Ours has been fabulous! So, in a break from the norm, we have replaced this week’s Weekly Dive Report with an awesome compilation of our summer season here on Koh Tao. Fun, sun, friends and lots of fish. What more could you want?!

We have visited a whole range of dive sites throughout the past few months, and our team have taught a huge array of training courses from beginner level all the way up to professional level courses. We’ve been delighted to welcome numerous new PADI Divemasters into our ranks, and have also run Instructor Development Courses every month too.

turtle-at-white-rock-koh-tao moray-eel-moth-wide-open-koh-tao


We’ve had some great visibility, and even managed to get a few trips to Sail Rock organised. Sail Rock is always high up on the wish list of those wishing to join us on fun diving trips, but it’s the one dive site we are not able to guarantee, as logistically it’s harder for us to get to. Sail Rock itself is a couple of hours journey time each way, so it means taking one of our boats out of circulation for a full day, which depending on other courses and bookings, is not always feasible. But we always try our best to get you there – and usually manage it! Read our previous blog to find our why our Sail Rock Trips are so popular.

diver-silhouette-koh-tao anemones-white-rock-koh-tao


We’ve been graced by all manner of marine life, from tiny macro specimens to 5metre long Whale Sharks! What a sight to behold! The summer months also brings us the honour of having many families diving with us, so we have also run many diving courses for children.

goby-fish-macro-shot anemone-fish-eggs

We hope you enjoy our video of summer memories, and we hope to see you on Koh Tao soon! Feel free to contact us for booking information, or details on PADI Courses and the best time to visit Koh Tao etc

Thanks to all our amazing staff and customers who made it so great, and of course our talented photo snappers Rob Kelly of Ocean Secrets, Elisabeth Lauwerys of Oceans Below, and Brad Beadling. Between they they have captured some fantastic images – underwater panoramas and landscapes, wide angle shots, macro images, schools of fish a plenty and much much more. Brilliant work!

Are YOU interested in gaining your Underwater Digital Photography Specialty? We teach the PADI course as well as a range of bespoke options, so regardless of whether you’ve never picked up a camera, or are already a budding photo enthusiast on land, we have a course to suit your needs!


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