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Our Master Divers pets

If you have visited us in the past, you’ll know how much our dive centre pets are part of the team. This week we will give Sky, Fatty, Nina & Pigface a platform to tell us all about how a typical day in their life looks like.




The humans came down early today. They all said hello and I was so excited to see my pack! But they’re more excited about getting onto the big blue thing with a noisy metal pole attached. The blue thing appears to be made of tree and floats on water. The sorcery! The humans are usually gone for hours and always come back very happy and wet. I don’t understand, I hate water! I wonder what they do? My friend Pigface from the bike shop next door has been on the blue thing and I tried to ask him about it, but he just looks at me like he doesn’t understand. Between us, I don’t think he’s too smart.



A little later more humans arrive and they open the building where my food is kept. When it’s hot like this I don’t get hungry, but the humans still give me food every day. Luckily Pigface is good at eating the food for me when I don’t want it. I don’t want to upset the humans because they also give me medicine for my back legs – they get a bit sore without it.

Later, another one of the doggos that lives here during the day arrived. She used to be really small and annoying, but it was easy to get rid of her by growling. She’s bigger than me now and growling at her doesn’t seem to work anymore, so instead I have decided to ignore her, although she doesn’t seem to get the hint.



A little bit later I need the loo. This is bad news because I need one of the humans to come around the corner with me. It’s annoying because only 1 or 2 of the humans seem understand me when I ask for this. If they won’t come with me then I have to go outside the shop and then I get in trouble. It doesn’t seem fair!

This afternoon was the worst! It went really dark and then there were flashes of light and loud noises everywhere but I couldn’t work out where they were coming from. Then water came out of the sky and it was the worst thing ever. Luckily the humans were still around so I could go and hide where they were. I don’t want the humans to know I’m scared because I’m the one that protects them from all the bad things. So I play it really cool and just curl up under the desk. They definitely had no idea how frightened I was!



I don’t understand why or how, but the small black and white thing that looks a bit like a dog but isn’t a dog doesn’t seem bothered by any of this. But then again there seems to be a different set of rules for that one because it’s allowed to sleep all day where the humans sit and doesn’t get in trouble for it.

After all the water stops I can finally have my dust bath! I love to roll onto my back and wriggle around in the dust, and it helps me scratch the hard to reach itches which is such a relief! This one of my favourite things to do, so much so that I like to I like to sing to myself when I do it. The humans are clearly very impressed with my singing because they come to watch me and make approving noises. I do my best singing when that happens and they are obviously very grateful.

As it gets dark, the humans gather by the beach. I like to make sure I hang around with them because I learned they often have chicken at the same time. When this happens I make sure I am on my very best behavior. Chicken is human food and it tastes amazing! It turns out if I sit very nicely for the humans and stare as hard as I can into their soul, they usually let me have some. I still don’t understand the food release mechanism though, the whole thing seems silly. If I raise one of my paws and let a human hold it, the chicken is released. No idea what that is all about!

Once the humans leave then it’s my time to do whatever I want! But I can’t possibly tell you those secret things, and even if I did, you would never believe me! 😉



Yaaaaawn! Another night on this uncomfortable sofa, this is disgraceful. But I can hear steps downstairs, so I guess my human slaves are finally here to feed me. I don’t understand how I have to remind them every. single. day. that the most important task of the morning is to make sure that I have my breakfast. Most days I even have to yell at them before they get it…



Breakfast was ok, nothing special, boring old kibbles again. But I was almost starving after not getting any food for more than 12 hours now, so it is what it is. Time to have a clean now, a lady has to make sure her coat is shiny. Oh wait, is that someone trying to get some work done? I should make sure to sit on the paperwork so no one can get any work done until I had my morning bath…

Those fools have left the door to the back cupboard open again. If I’m quiet and sneak in there, I might have a chance to hide and get a much needed sleep on their things. The humans say I’m not allowed in there, because I make a mess, but who do they think they are?

Busted! I was just getting comfortable on their things when someone got in there and interrupted my mid-morning nap. Well, I guess I’ll go back to one of my other spots. If I’m lucky, one of the humans has a day off and I can have my chair back for the rest of the day. I don’t understand how I have to explain it to them over and over again, that this is my building, my furniture and they are my servants and should serve me food when I demand. Did someone say food? I should go and check if anyone has refilled my bowl by now. It’s been almost 45 minutes since I last ate…



What’s that silly wet nose doing in my face? Ugh, one of the dogs again. The humans find it so cute, but I think it’s pathetic. Look how it drools over some chicken bones. I’m a lady and the humans should make sure that these two tail-wagging flea bags stay away from me.

Yawn. I had a good old nap on my chair and now it’s time for my afternoon snack. The humans are running around the office and making a lot of noise. Maybe I should try and get in between their feet, so they finally give me some attention. No? Maybe it helps if I rub my bum against their legs.

Afternoon snack was ok, nothing special, boring old kibbles again. Now I have a few hours left, before the humans leave, so time to find a nice place to nap. If I’m lucky they don’t find me before they lock up and I can sleep downstairs tonight.



They have the audacity to interrupt my beauty sleep again. The humans say it’s time to go home, and that’s the only good news of the day. They finally leave me alone and I can go out on some cat-ventures. But maybe I just have a quick nap on that pathetic upstairs sofa first… Yawn!



Today is the best day ever! I got to ride on a bike! Then I ran on the beach! Then I ate food! Then I got petted by the humans! Then I had a nap! Then I got some human food! Then I went in the sea! It was wet! Then I had a nap! Then I got a treat! Then I got petted even more! This is the best day ever and I am so excited!




Editor’s note: Pigface wasn’t available for an interview. (We actually think that he didn’t quite understand what we wanted from him…)




Photo credit: Rob Kelly, Brad Beadling, private

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